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Cert lll Fitness

Cert lV Fitness

Exercise during Pregnancy & Postnatal

FIIT30 Womans HIIT

Safe Return to exercise

Womans Health and Performance Coach

Technical Lifting



Senior 1st Aid

Hi im Kyliee, a 44yr mum of 6 

My journey started later in life after attending some cardio kickboxing classes over 14 years ago when I fell in love with (not just the instructor, who I married years later) but the way it made me feel to get active and be around like minded people who I could just be myself with and not have to live up to societies expectations. I decided shortly after that I wanted to be a personal trainer and help other woman feel the same empowerment that I felt from exercising.


In 2013 I completed  Cert lll in fitness and followed it up in 2014 with cert lV all whilst working along side my husband in his Group Fitness Centre.


It was then over the following year, and after having baby no 4, I realised there was a big gap in the care for woman returning to exercise after they have had a baby. 


So in 2016 I completed the 1st of many certifications in Pre & postnatal exercise and started Cruz Fitness.


Cruz is a combination of ladies only group fitness classes and personal training that caters for ladies of all ages and stages of life.

I have never looked back!


Since 2016 I have added baby no 5 & 6 to my family and completed further certifications includes “Safe return to exercise” and "Womens health and performace coach"  " Peri menopause & Menopause""Training to your cycle"

I am also a registered ™️Mumsafe Trainer


With 24 years experience as a mother, 9 pregnancies, 6 babies  and 12 years in the fitness industry with the last 10 years specialising in womens fitness, including pre & postnatal, Peri menopause and menopause,  I am bursting at the seams with an abundance of knowledge and life experience to support and help guide all women on their own unique fitness journeys.

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