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Join a Fitness Class

CRUZ FITNESS classes are run indoors in a private gym.  Whether you want to dial up the intensity or take a more relaxed approach, build muscle, strengthen your body after a baby, stay active through pregnacy or drop weight, we have a class with a spot just for you. 

Bubs/kids are welcome along with you to absolutely all classes at Cruz.

Mums n Bubs
(Private Class)


This functional fitness class is run in 10 week terms that align with the school terms.

It helps mums to reconnect with their bodies and gain strength & confidence after having a baby.

The variety of exercises used, target Core strength & stability along with Pelvic floor education and awareness.

We stretch out those tight areas and strengthen the weak ones. 

Improve your mood and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety while meeting like minded mums.

Perfect for postnatal ladies with bubs 6 weeks - 12months old. 

*This class is not included in the membership packages and I only take 10 mums per class, per term. Please send a message to get on the waitlist for when the next term opens. 

Strong Mums

If you love to test your limits and want to build strength then book this class in now! Every week is different with new and exciting challenges to keep your body on the edge. 

Maximise fat burning and increase muscle tone.

This class runs twice a week.

Join us for and improve body and mind!


Trim & Tone

We have put together a 45min class of resistance exercises to get the muscles and the calories burning. 

Let the trainers push you and guide you to your goals while you sweat up a storm.

This class runs twice a week!

Ladies Fitness

This class is a combination of Functional fitness, HIIT, Metafit, Metapwr, Circuit and Strength. It's all about moving your body in a variety of positive ways. If you are searching for that special class that keeps you guessing, and wanting more, then don't go past a ladies fitness class.  From mums to grandmas, everyone loves this class.

Every class is exciting and different.


Legs Butts n Abs

Lets grow that butt and build strong legs an abs! 

You will sometimes be in a strength circuit and other times you will be on your own station. But you can guarantee you will be feeling tummy n tooshie burn. This class is a favorite of our members.

(Female High Intensity Interval Training)

If your limited on time but still want a hard HIIT out, FHIIT will keep you burning calories for upto 24hrs after your class finishes. 

Training that is designed by using a mixture of resistance exercises, to set your metabolism on fire. With plenty of adaptations to keep the impact low. 

Get in and get it done, you won't be dissapointed!


Kick n Box Fit

You can expect to kick, punch and use a variety of body weight exercises with and without a partner. You must have your own gloves and holding mitts. (available to purchase)

Come with a friend or come alone and meet new friends. This class will grow your confidence along with your fitness levels. 

HIIT Circuit

A 45min circuit with a difference.  

This class is a mix of weighted and body weight functional exercises involving short bursts of power with short rest times in-between. A full body workout designed to improve power and increase strength, you'll leave this class feeling accomplished.


Core an More

In this class we focus on exercises that will help to strengthen your core.  But also build endurance and stamina as well. 

Always a new challenging and exciting exercise to keep you intrigued and coming back for more. Beginners to advanced, there is always progression and regression options. 


You will push, pull, lift, throw, hold and have an absolute blast doing it all. 

Plenty of variety and lots of challenging exercises to get all the muscles working and plenty of calories burning. 

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