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"I started at Cruz when I was 3mths Pregnant with bub 2 and with the help of Kyliee and the encouragement from the amazing members, I not only trained all the way up till the week before I gave birth, but I bounced back from the pregnancy in a way I never thought possible. Over the past 4 years Kyliee has seen all my ups and downs in my fitness journey and has never given up on me and never stopped motivating me to be the best I can be. So if your after a supportive gym where you will feel like part of a family and be given all the required tools to be that fit healthy mummy you wish to be then without a doubt Cruz Fitness is the gym for you!"

Rose Zammit -


"Im truly grateful to Cruz for all I have achieved and continue to achieve through their guidance, motivation and support. It's nothing short of brillance! Thankful beyond words!"

Elle Gagan -


Rosie Dunn -

"I honestly thought I would struggle to be back to where I was years ago but Kyliee and the Cruz family have really pushed and support me to be the best me I can be. Without Kyliees help, I would not have been able to achieve what I have in the last 3 years. I highly recommend getting in touch with Kyliee from Cruz Fitness"


Rebekah Kidd -

"Cruz has been the reason for my massive weight loss journey this past year. Kyliee and the other trainers have pushed me to be where I am and have proven to me how capable I am.

Everyone is so friendly and best of all my 2 little boys can come along with me every day.

I wish I had known about Cruz Fitness years before I joined!

I can't thank Kyliee enough!"

Larissa Monahan -


"Cruz has changed my life!

When I 1st started at Cruz a year ago, I couldn't even lift my body off the floor to get into a plank position, I couldn't do a push up at all, let alone on the floor and on my toes. And dont even think about asking me to run (2 c-sections and a poor pelvic floor)

1 year later and I can safely say without Cruz and the amazing ladies I workout alongside of, I would not be where I am now.

I am getting stronger by the day. My core is working again and gaining strength, along with my pelvic floor.

I am WAY more fit and can happily say I can do 3 entire push ups on my toes and run without dying.

I have lost weight, which was my initial goal, but I have also gained muscle, definition, and changed my body composition. I am strong, fit and  enjoy training every morning.

BUT most importantly - I LOVE MYSELF AGAIN!"


Brittney Morris -

"Could not recommend Cruz highly enough!

I joined a year ago when I was 4mths postpartum. I was struggling physically and mentally with the changes my body had been through but it wasn't long after joining I had completely changed and im now feeling stronger than ever.

Kyliee and the members have made a huge impact on putting my health in the right direction, always keeping me motivated.

They are all honestly the best group of ladies to train with and my kids love being there too which is a big bonus!"

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